Athari - Positive Impact Coffee


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Our Athari blend promotes sustainability. It uses coffees that are grown under indigenous shade trees. This protects forests and local waterways. For each 1kg sold, R10 is contributed to Colombo team savings account, and R10 towards the Wildlands Tree-preneurs.

The team savings account is for the benefit for our barista and wholesale team only. We encourage them to use the savings wisely and invest in their futures using platforms such as EasyEquities.

Wildlands Tree-preneurs are local community members who grow indigenous trees at their homesteads and then sell them to support their livelihood and reforestation.

1. Ethiopia | Yirghacheffe Worka | Washed | Heirloom varietal
2. Nicaragua | Rajuanse Estate | Natural | Marselessa varietal
3. X-factor seasonal bean

Syrupy body, with a sweet and clean acidity, and notes of:
Tropical peach | Apple-pie | Honeycomb |

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